Calling all gig workers! Kover Protection is available in Las Vegas! FIRST MONTH FREE!

Written on 12/08/2020


Replace 80% of lost income, support for false allegations, 24/7 telehealth services & more!


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Kover replaces 80% of your lost income when you can't work due to hospitalization, temporary account deactivation or post-collision repairs.


This is your money, and you don't have to pay it back.


Programs starting at only $7 monthly!


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Tax-deductible (confirm with your tax specialist)

No contracts - cancel at any time.


What drivers are saying about Kover:

“Kover is a brilliant idea, and until I stumbled across it, I honestly had no idea that something like this existed.” - Felecia M.

“Hands down the best customer service you'll experience anywhere.” - Sara C.