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Written on 05/22/2021


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Play Octopus is in over 30,000 rideshare vehicles around the US and growing daily!

How does Play Octopus work?
Play Octopus provides tablets to rideshare drivers that give 100+ rides a month.

Riders enjoy games, prizes and other content.

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Is this legit?
Absolutely! Over 80% of drivers report higher tips & ratings, and a noticeable improvement in their driving experience with their FREE Play Octopus tablet.

Do you pay drivers?
Yes! Play Octopus rewards you for driving and having passengers play the tablet. Full-time drivers can make $100 per month. Simply let us know the account to send your earnings to when signing up.

What if the tablet is stolen?
Tablet theft is extremely rare. In the event a tablet is stolen, submit the related police report to Play Octopus and they will waive the tablet loss fee and send you another tablet (if you like.)

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